Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Meet Your Intern

Every Company out there wants free labour. Its a given. But trying to find that Company and getting them to sit down and listen to why they should take YOU under their wing as an Intern is a whole other story. When searching for that internship opportunity, it really is all about 2 common factors:
1 )WHO you know
2) your EXPERIENCE - or what makes you different then the other guy.

If you have both of these, you should be set. Sometimes, for the most part – it really is not that easy. For the world of Advertising and Marketing, if you are interested in working with any Agency – your experience is KEY. Its a competitive field, and you really have to:
  • Believe in what you can do
  • Be confident
  • Be able to say no; if you feel you are taking on too much by saying yes.
Internships just don’t come overnight!! In theory if person A studies days before his or her exam and person B studies hours- you are almost guaranteed different outcomes. The same is with any internship (unless you have super awesome luck or are just blessed with an unreal memory). You may send out 10 different emails with your resume and only hear back from 3 and of those “3″ you may or may not get an interview. Lets say you get one interview,even then your not always guaranteed a position. So to anyone seeking a strategy, the best luck I can give you.. START EARLY. Do your homework. Begin to work on your portfolio! This is your life. Organize it from most important and what you can quite simply just leave out. Your portfolio will not get you the interview, so when applying for that internship – work on your resume and make it look professional, impressive and clean. Another tip – be sure to include what you know about the company, what they have done in the past and why you feel you can benefit THEM. The more you know about THEM, the better.

I remember sending out a ton of emails requesting a “moment of your time” and finally I heard from not one but two companies. One of the replies was from a mobile marketing agency in Toronto -Plastic Mobile. The reply stated that they had been extremely impressed with my resume and they would like to set up an interview for a 4-6 month PAID internship. The other was from a Vancouver based (not – for profit agency) – Co Development Canada. Both positions were suggested through my college professors. After having sat down with Plastic, I quickly realized that I had walked into a super competitive position and gave it my best shot. Unfortunately I did not get the internship in Toronto but had managed to secure a position in Vancouver.

Most Internships are free work.. but sometimes (in the case of Plastic Mobile) it can be the total opposite. Regardless, you have now secured a company willing to take you on board. Now you have to put every effort to keep that position and maybe get a job.

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