Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Real Housewifes.. who says?

If you haven't heard of the new reality tv show Real Housewife's of Vancouver it is creating quite the buzz. Having been living in North Vancouver for just alittle over 7 weeks now, I just want to say not everyone around here looks that HOT. It may be the most expensive place to live but alot of the people who live here are quite the opposite. The same goes for the Lower Mainland/East side of Vancouver. Alot of talk about the show comes from Vancouver's own locals "people are going to come to visit and expect to see the luxury Vancouver and get a real wake up call". The majority of the higher income live about a 10 - 15 min car ride from my house in what is known as West Vancouver.  So together we are typically considered the "North Shore". Travelling back and forth between areas is like stepping into a whole different way of living - i.e the cars, the houses and the prices of food. The whole concept of the sexy reality show came from an idea to produce "real housewife's of Toronto" but they decided that Vancouver women were much "hotter".

I got this idea to base this blog around the titled "reality" tv show after reading a recent article in the National Post.  "reality is not what draws interest in these shows. They promise rich women doing sheltered-rich-woman things.Viewers feel better about themselves by comparison. The producers say it is more than that; people follow the arcs of the Housewives as though they were scripted characters. A real-life soap opera, and all that."

If there is anything "real" about the cast in the new reality show, is that they are portraying the reality that skin care centres are EVERYWHERE. Its like a booming trend here. Its like jersey shore, but without the tanning beds.  

To conclude today's rant, I just wanted us all to be clear that not all of Vancouver is high class - hell, if you have a drug problem, the lower mainland/east side may be your calling. Maybe the producers should simply just call it "Real Housewife's of West Vancouver".

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